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The Vet’s Journey Home invites you to serve as Staff
for the Vets Journey Home Weekends

Graduates of the Vets Journey Home can staff future weekends. 
Others who want to staff are screened for their background/experience.

Others who want to staff are screened for their background/experience. Graduates of the Mankind Project, Woman Within, Taking It Lightly, Woman In Power and similar emotional healing personal growth programs are preferred because of their experience with emotional healing work.

Therapists, counselors, chaplains and others who work with veterans and understand Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are also welcome to apply to staff.

The combination of veterans and civilians on staff creates a “slice of life and community."

If you are interested in staffing a Vets Journey Home weekend, please apply Online by clicking here.


You can download the application pdf form here and send it to the local coordinator for that particular weekend.



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